Hanna Somatics


Hanna Somatics is a form of gentle neuro-muscular education that helps relieve or decrease stiffness and pain. By paying attention to sensations of both muscle contraction and relaxation while moving within your comfort range, you learn to release into greater ease.

Group Classes:

Weekly classes are recommended. Exercises consist of guided slow movements done while attentive to your sensations. Most of the these are done while lying or sitting on the floor. Walking around the room may also be a part of the process of enhancing somatic awareness.

Private Sessions:

A minimum of three to four private sessions is recommended. This allows us to work on different major movement patterns related to a healthy walk. Persistently contracted muscles often express as inefficient and painful movement.

Each session addresses issues of chronic contraction and impeded movement patterns. Together we explore and learn how to release these. The initial session focuses on postural assessment and client concerns.

Self Directed Practices:

Personalized movement patterns are often given for home practice. This helps to maintain improvements made during a session.

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