Two Trees

Gestalt is a way of enhancing your perception through improving your awareness. It helps you shift out of a limited view by exploring or experimenting with new possibilities. These tend to be hidden until a fresh approach lets you see a different configuration.

Because of its potential freeing effect on your psychological system it is considered therapeutic. Some psychotherapists use Gestalt as their main approach. Gestalt Therapy works with the assumption that everyone has developed habits of coping in response to life events. The therapeutic task is to bring awareness to what these habits are and, if they no longer work, help the client see this and find options for change.

I am a Gestalt Therapist. I've had five years of intensive training at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I offer support, firstly by exploring the client's concerns in order to bring clarity to their situation. From this, an experiment may suggest itself. This is similar to the thinking behind psychodrama because it recognizes that change does not come about by words alone but by a willingness to try a new way.


I give private sessions. These start with sitting together in conversation during which we notice what we are doing in our bodies. Ideas may arise from our explorations. These may suggest experiments for new ways of being.

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