Water Lily

Yoga is a way of connecting to your innate loving state and sensing who you really are - a being at one with all that is.

There are many types of yoga practices to help you realize this inherent wisdom. The most popular today are physical.

My Style of Yoga:

I have developed my own unique style of yoga. It is strongly influenced by my other studies, especially Hanna Somatics. My way of teaching yoga is appropriate for the trauma sensitized, those in recovery from injury as well as the "stressed out". It is good for anyone who is willing to pay close attention to their body in order to develop greater self-awareness.

Movements are practiced with attention to sensation and are meant to be done within a safe comfortable range. I emphasize the contrast between the effort of contraction and the calm quietude of relaxation. Being in the moment with sensitivity to who and how you are is the essence of my way of yoga practice.


I give private and group classes.

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