Somatic Experiencing


Somatic Experiencing is a Trauma Therapy that accesses the physiological wisdom of your body to release the binding effects of deep wounding and restore a sense of freedom and capacity.

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). I work with people who have suffered from difficult life challenges. When these overwhelm the healthy functioning of nervous system responses they cause trauma. As an SEP, I help you move beyond trauma based fear responses towards resilience.

Somatic Experiencing sessions focus on what you are experiencing in your body when we explore your history. Whatever you experience somatically in the moment whether pleasant or not holds the keys to your emotional and physiological freedom from past trauma. During sessions, I observe you closely to keep you within a tolerable range of feeling that we explore, work with and release. This opens the way to greater resilience, resulting in improved coping skills and less stressed responses to challenge.

The difference between Somatic Experiencing and talk therapy is that your body sensations and any spontaneous movements are the primary references to your own truth rather than your verbal descriptions.

My Special interest:

I have a special interest in the effects of secondary trauma experienced by adult children of Holocaust survivors. This may come about if a person has been raised in a fear filled environment by parents or caretakers who carry the body memory of profound abuses suffered during war. Somatic Experiencing can be of great benefit for easing or releasing the grip of trauma.

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